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Key English Grammar Rules Needed for IELTS 7+
Key English Grammar Rules Needed for IELTS 7+IELTS has no dedicated section for grammar. However, a high band score in each section highly depends on your command of English grammar. Knowing grammar structures helps you absorb much more from a reading passage the first time you read it. It also gives you higher confidence in listening. Grammar is particularly important in speaking and writing. Your grammatical range and accuracy in IELTS are evaluated by means of band descriptors. These descriptors suggest that in order to receive the perfect score in Speaking and Writing, a candidate must: - use a full range of structures naturally and appropriately - produce consistently accurate structures apart from 'slips' characteristic of native-speaker speech This course covers all important grammar topics with clear and brief explanations and practical examples. Advanced features of structures will be discussed and their uses in language. There are also exercises (with the key) attached to each lesson in the form of a pdf file. This course delivers all the English grammar that an IELTS candidate needs for a perfect score. Grammar topics included in this course: - Present time- Future time- Past time- Present perfect- Passive- Conditionals- Unreal time and Subjunctive- Modal verbs (present, future and past)- Inversion- Emphasis- Reported speech- Articles- Relative clauses- Gerund and Infinitive Apart from excellent educational content, utmost efforts have been made for the best quality of video and audio of the course. Enjoy and learn!  Max Sabet
16 Lessons - 3 hours 40 minutes 36 seconds